Back to Projects Westmeath Civic Offices, Mullingar

The proposal is for a new corporate headquarters for Westmeath County Council located to the rear of the County Buildings in Mullingar. The proposed Masterplan is designed to reinforce and amplify the sense of place that already exists on the site, carefully knitting into existing stone buildings. The strategy generates a series of new
public spaces, routes and public building which extend the town beyond the existing gates of the council and integrate the Council campus into the town itself.

The main office accommodation is contained within 2 volumes – the minor extending the existing retaining wall which separates upper and lower terrace,while the major office volume stands apart from the main body of the building, threaded through the existing archaeology to cause the least disruption to the remains. The library is conceived as a public amenity set within a landscaped park, a place of study away from the bustle of the town centre.

It is proposed that the Civic Offices follow in the tradition of stone buildings found on the Council campus and in Mullingar.