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Designed by ABK Architects in 1972 as a flexible, spatial matrix that would provide and open and interconnected environment for the education of some 350 junior and senior school students, St Andrews College, now with population of some 900 students and a need for significant additional teaching space, may be said to be a victim of its own success.

The College appointed ABK Architects to develop a design strategy for the future development of the campus. The proposal provides a vision for the development of the school over the coming years. It looks to address the practicalities of providing appropriate, quality space and facilities to meet the needs of the current school population within the strictures of the existing context while improving the overall operability and quality of the campus as a whole.

The project integrates new and existing buildings with landscape to create a coherent educational campus. The design proposes an orderly development that improves the daily workings of the school, provides improved educational facilities, rationalises circulation and creates quality social spaces

The development consists of a series of discrete projects to be built in phases that together complete the St Andrews campus.  These proposed projects include:

A new Strength and Conditioning Pavilion that relates to adjacent playing pitches

A new Junior School that includes the refurbishment and integration of an existing Protected Structure into the development

The extension and rationalization of the existing Senior School including alterations and modifications to the interior of the original 1972 school, itself a Protected Structure, to create a coherent educational facility

A new Study Centre/Library to act as the learning centre for the College

New sports changing facilities

The redesign of the campus landscape to create an integrated and accessible campus design

This innovative design proposes a practical, deliverable phasing strategy for the campus which exploits the process of sequenced decanting to deliver the required accommodation and reorganization of the college while maintaining the current school operable, functioning and active for the duration of the construction.

Photographs by Photographs by John Donat