Back to Projects Primary Care Centre, Summerhill

In 2013 the Health Service Executive (HSE) carried out a program to develop a number of PPP Primary Care Centres throughout the Nation, with a capital value of approximately €115 million.

ABK Architects was commissioned to design two of these centres located in Northeast Dublin City Centre. The final procurement of the buildings will be by Public Private Partnership.

The site at Summerhill is in a dense urban environment. The proposal is articulated as three brick volumes that vary in height from one to four storey. The building mediates between the busy street of Summerhill and the two storey residential accommodation located on Rutland Court to the rear.

The Primary Care Centre accommodation amounts to 4300m² and includes a basement car park.

The plan layout reflects the narrow site. There are three ranges of rooms arranged around two longitudinal corridors. A central service zone and two perimeter zones of naturally lit and ventilated rooms. Stairs and lifts are located in the central zone while voids provide light and ventilation to the otherwise internal corridors.

A plinth of white pre-cast concrete terminates the building at ground level. The plinth incorporates concrete wall elements that include bike stands, car park ventilation, gate enclosures, stair enclosures and terraces.