Back to Projects Mixed-use Development, Kilkenny Abbey Quarter, Kilkenny City

The project in the heart of the Abbey Quarter in the medieval city of Kilkenny will provide some 5200m2 of flexible office space over five floors together with mixed-use retail at ground floor as part of the regeneration of the old brewery site.

The design is cognisant of the significance of east-west routes from town to river in the context of Kilkenny’s medieval urban morphology. New routes leading from Parliament Street to the new Riverside Park are integrated into the project along its northern edge and via a passageway through the building proper.

The existing urban context and site heritage inform the general approach to the development which draws on the character and urban grain of the medieval city while respecting the industrial heritage of the site. We have proposed a modulated building form that provides variety of expression reminiscent of its context.

Scale, proportion and quality of materials are central to our approach.