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The project looks to eschew a formal architectural language of façade and frontage in favour of one that is dynamic, fluid in form and that reflects an open, optimistic and innovative student environment. Emphasis is placed on the character of spaces and their interconnectivity.

Exposed concrete structure that will provide flexibility and robustness and will underpin the overall architectural aesthetic. The exposed structure is complimented by the introduction of vibrant colour in partitions, fittings and furniture. The use of translucent materials and glass creates an environment filled with light during the day and by night will act as a lantern in the campus.

Sited at a critical nodal point between the existing North Campus and the proposed Sports and Commuting Cluster to the west, the project terminates the current vista from University square creating a new defined public space. Additionally the proposal looks to align its geometry towards a building line for future developments to the west.

The project looks to create an environment that encourages and facilitates interaction, communication, innovation, invention and initiative. The project is conceived as an internal ‘landscape’ where spaces easily connect to one another to create a seamless continuous sequence of flexible and innovative spaces that support a hybrid of activities. Foyer links to Venue that connects to Common Room with a measure of indeterminacy and openness.

Equally the project is conceived of as ‘Theatre’ generating an environment of connectivity and promoting intercultural interaction, discourse and the cultural social life of the campus. The building becomes an enabler and back-drop to the drama of student life where people can see and be seen, meet, gather and debate.