Back to Projects Ladyswell Square, Mulhuddart

This project consists of 43 houses & 22 apartments on a 1.5 hectare brownfield site developed by Clúid Housing Association

By reference to ‘traditional’ residential areas such as Dublin’s Portobello where the street is the focus of communal and social life, this project looks to find an alternative model to the familiar arrangement of low density housing organised around an un-programmed and characterless central open ‘green’.

While the project looks to maximise density by reducing back-to-back distances between units, the project equally looks to create an animated residential community. Two-storey terraced houses are terminated by 3-4 storey apartment blocks that address the busy site perimeter and provide punctuation to corner conditions.  Free-standing ‘villa’ houses with walled side-gardens permit a significantly tighter back-to-back distance than is typically achieved in residential schemes

A grid or ‘matrix’ acts as the primary project organiser for all residential types. Within this matrix, is created a series of traditional streets with shared-surfaces or ‘Home Zones’.

Characterful architectural forms, - detached villa, terraced house, the sweeping roofs of apartments create variety and interest for this new community. Corner windows, active frontage provide for a safe public realm. 

Through the careful integration of the basic components of the modern estate - parking, bin-storage, raised planters, gardens and trees - the project looks to make enclosed, contained and familiar streetscapes that are safe for use by all.

A primary ‘L’ street accommodates vehicular access to the project from which branch a series of ‘Home Zones’ where pedestrians have priority. Through the careful detailing of ground surface and positioning of trees and planting a series of inviting shared streets are created that provide flexible public space for neighbours to meet, children to play – a public realm for a suburban community.

An undulating landscape defines the site perimeter and extends the footpaths forming connections between an existing green, adjacent community facilities and the village centre to the south while providing a pleasant amenity area and play space for residents.