Back to Projects Ladyswell Square, Mulhuddart

The proposed project is a scheme of 65 units consisting of 43 houses & 22 apartments, to be developed by Clúid Housing Association, on land currently in the ownership of Fingal County Council.

In order to make the most efficient use of the site in terms of the space available, and to accommodate the range of housing and apartment types required, it was necessary to move away from the more usual suburban model of semi-detached houses around an open space. Instead the proposal is to arrange the housing more in the manner of traditional streets, with an L-shaped access road opening onto a series of shared-surface Home Zones. This creates a built edge to the site’s interior boundary, and two distinct central blocks.

The proposed open space along the outer edges of the site addresses the requirement for public open space within the scheme, but also has the potential to form greater connections between the existing green area to the north and residential areas beyond, the existing community facilities across Church Road, and the village centre to the south. The space would have the public footpath routed alongside and through it, which will help to animate it and engage the new development with the wider community.

The proposed terraces are made up of a mix of 2, 3 and 4 bed houses with own door access and private rear gardens. All houses are dual aspect, with living spaces arranged both to take advantage of orientation and to overlook the street in front.

There are 8 villa type houses proposed, which are dual aspect, facing southeast and southwest. Living and bedroom spaces are arranged to address the street in front and the private garden to the side.

There are 3 apartment buildings which terminate the terraces. Apartments are arranged around a circulation core, with secure communal gardens located to the rear. Ground floor apartments have own door access, and an open space to the rear which adjoins the communal courtyard garden. Upper floor apartments are open space is provided in the form of covered balconies.