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The proposed design seeks to provide a rational, elegant, practical and economical solution for the long-term development of the Headquarters Site while creating a world-class architectural design that gives an appropriate civic representation to the MOI while providing an exemplary working environment for staff.

In summary, the Headquarters site consists of a wedge-shaped city block containing a series of free-standing and un-connected buildings each with a strong individual form located within an open landscape. This site, defined by roads on three sides, is ringed by a series of perimeter walls and fences that provide site security.

The site is defined by Al Khaleej Road to the south and secondary roads to the east and north. A perimeter fence provides a first line of defence to the site. The principal access point to the site is via a secure gate located in the northwest corner of the site. This gate provides access to an inner area that provides for car parking etc. A second wall separates this inner area from the secure inner area of the campus.

This competition entry was submitted in co-operation with HKR Architects.