Back to Projects Chichester Theological College, Sussex

On a beautiful country garden site, this building forms a link between the main College building and the Chapel; the route between the two passes through the new courtyard, and views of the landscape are framed in between the new constructions. The blocks of study bedrooms step back to create a more sheltered sense of enclosure in the brick-paved court. A new library is also allocated in the new building to provide a major college focus.

Each of the rooms has two windows: one provides ventilation and views over the landscape, the another is set as a rooflight above the desk. This creates a sheltered enclosure with optimal lighting, and pin-up space and bookshelves in front of the desk. There is also extensive use of rooflights in the library.

The main materials are rugged and natural – local brick, concrete and stained pine.

Photographs by John Donat and Antoine Raffoul