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The Enterprise and Research Campus, strategically located in Dublin City centre, is owned by Trinity College Dublin and let to small and medium-sized enterprises. Integral part of the research function of Trinity College, the Enterprise Centre is a knowledge-based company generation and support facility. ABK Architects have been commissioned to renovate and re-use some of the existing old industrial units into modern, highly serviced spaces.

These units in particular (three in total, of an average size of 450m²) have been converted into fully furnished biotechnology incubator laboratories in full compliance with the Building Regulations. Laboratories of different sizes have been created to allow for and encourage different start-up enterprises in biotechnology. Shared cold-rooms are provided. Each laboratory has a fume cupboard, eye-wash, hand rinse basin and chemical sinks as well as gas supply from an external bottle store. Lab benches and moveable cupboards are installed. Seperate heating and mechanical ventilation is provided to each tenancy. Power and data is provided throughout with fibreoptic connection to University services and a central IT room. Separate offices allow use by different tenants. Universal access and egress is provided.