Back to Projects Newcastle West Housing, County Limerick

Following a Preliminary Report and Feasibility Study on the 14.5 acre site, ABK were commissioned to design a first phase of 50 dwellings. There are 30 three-bed units and 20 two-bed apartment units in three different Social Housing types.

The scheme incorporates high levels of insulation and details were developed to minimise draughts and infiltration, reducing energy loss. Orientation has been studied, to maximise passive solar gain and availability of light during winter months. The ground floor plan has been opened up to allow maximum flexibility and penetration of light for different orientations.

The scheme forms groups of crescents, which surround a shared and landscaped public space. Car spaces are overlooked but are not in curtilage so that the car does not dominate the house. Car areas are landscaped with cobbles to reduce the area of ‘roadway.’ The typical house unit is terraced with rear garden access through shared laneways. Apartment units are grouped together at the ends of the terraces to make special blocks at the points of arrival to the crescents.

The language of the scheme works within an interpretation of the Irish building vernacular – pitched roofs, rendered walls, punched windows, prismatic forms.


  • 2004 - RIAI Regional Award Winner