As a result of an acute need for additional student and academic accommodation in the west end of Trinity College, as well as a need to refurbish and upgrade existing building stock, ABK were commissioned to refurbish and extend the existing Arts Building designed by the office in 1978.

ABK carried out a comprehensive survey of the existing structure, occupancy and services, leading to a detailed Feasibility Study which proposed the phased refurbishment and upgrade of the existing building fabric to meet new building regulation standards.

Works carried out included Fire Safety improvements, improvements in relation to Universal Access (modifications to entrances and circulation), upgrading of building services. In addition, the opportunity to add a new floor of staff accommodation to the building was identified, providing a new ‘site’ in the heart of the campus. The new floor consists of three blocks intended to house a new “Institute for the Study of Globalisation”, together with future expansion for the Arts Building.

The design intent is to form a light, apparently floating roof with predominantly glazed walls, adding a new “cap” to the building. The new extension is set back from the parapets, continuing the stepping profile of the building to Fellows Square, and emphasizing the existing granite parapet of the Nassau Street elevation.